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French1: 3(A)
Instructor: Drake, Angela   
Welcome to French I !!
This page will be used provide students and parents access to lesson plans, however our course materials for 2015-16 can be found on our new Learning Management System Schoology.

French I is a year long high school level French course offered here at the middle school.

Goals of the course: Student will communicate in real-life situations using the 3 modes: interpersonal (2 way speaking/writing), interpretive (listening and reading), and presentational (1 way speaking/writing)
By using authentic resources (videos and documents intended for native speakers), students will be able to communicate in French at the novice level.  While practicing basic skills, cultural practices and perspectives will be examined to gain a deeper understanding of French speakers in local and global communities.  By the end of the course, learners should be performing at the novice-mid or novice-high levels based on SC standards.  This is when students start to go beyond using memorized phrases and begin to create with the language, asking and answering questions on familiar topics and addressing familiar situations. 
State standards for World Language can be found here.

Contact information:
My contact information can be found here. Remember, the most effective way of getting in touch with me is through e-mail.

Weekly Lesson Plans:
Click on the Lesson Plan folder below iin the "Files" section to view weekly lesson plans that detail classwork, homework, upcoming tests/quizzes and projects.
Please refer to the announcements for a quick view of homework and project assignments.
Note:  All lesson plans are tentative and subject to change as needed.

Grading Policy:

Term Average
Practice Grade                  30%
Quizzes                            30% 
Tests/Projects                    40%

Final Average    
1st Semester (Terms 1 and 2) average   40%      
2nd Semester (Terms 2 and 3) average   40%
Semester Exam grades                        20%

Practice grade:
Speaking grade, daily work and homework grades are pooled together as the practice grade.

Homework is grade for content and effort. If you have given an honest effort at completing the homework, you get an automatic 70. I choose one question per section to grade in the assignment for content.

Reminder texts:
Text (803) 403-1512 with @adra as a message to subscribe to Fr. I reminder text messages or e-mails.
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